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Chairperson’s Report
Honorary Treasurer’s Report
Property Management Update
Housing Management Update
Tenant Engagement and Communication

3 Property Management Update

It is the Association’s aim to provide the best possible Repairs service to our tenants and we are
determined to continually improve on our performance levels each year.

Response Maintenance
The Association has two separate Maintenance Regions (East and West) with a response maintenance
Contractor appointed within each region. Built into the contracts that Rural Housing have with
each Contractor are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which the Association use to manage the
performance of the Contractors. Broadly there are 5 areas that the Contractors are scored on.
The Association meets with each Contractor on a monthly basis to review these results.

1. Tenant Satisfaction.
2. Quality of Workmanship.
3. Service and Communication from Contractor to Association.
4. Timelines for Completion of works orders.
5. Health and safety onsite.

Graph 1.1 outlines our results for the year 2014/15 regarding KPI 4 which assess how many jobs are
completed within the target of each urgency category. We are pleased to report that our Contractors
have made improvements in 3 of the 4 response time’s categories and improved on our overall
response time.

Response Works Orders and % delivered within standards of serivce

Total Repairs
Number within Target (Expressed as percentages)

500 488 82%

400 395 91%
293 94%
232 83%



Immediate Callout Emergency Urgent Routine
Out (same day) Callout (24hrs) (4 working days) (4 working weeks)
Target 90% Target 80% Target 80% Target 80%
Graph 1.1

5 : annual report & accounts 2014-15 : rural housing association
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