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Chairperson’s Report
Honorary Treasurer’s Report
Property Management Update
Customer Engagement and Communication
Corporate Improvement Objectives 2014/15

6 Corporate Improvement Objectives 2014/15

Fit for Purpose Develop highly trained staff as laid out in our Human Resources Strategy Ongoing
Produce and implement an IT Strategy for the next ive years To be completed inline with
new ICT contractor in year 2
Review and refresh the Association’s key documentation and policies relating to governance Achieved

Review the Association Risk Strategy and Corporate Risk Register Achieved
Continue to renew the Board of Management through a renewal programme Ongoing
in accordance with the 9 year rule
Complete tendering of legal services for conveyancing and property matters To be completed
in year 2
Provide in-house and external training for Board Members led by an annual skills analysis Achieved
Introduce a Board Member Appraisal policy and carry out an annual To be completed
appraisal of Board Members to identify governance and performance issues in year 2
To ensure the Produce yearly operational Business Plan Achieved
operates legally Produce Corporate plan every 3 years Achieved
within its remit Deal effectively with the DSD inspection regime Achieved
and policies and
is headed by an Deal effectively with internal and external audits Achieved
effective Board
Continue assess and implement changes to relect new DSD guidance Achieved

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