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Chairperson’s Report
Honorary Treasurer’s Report
Property Management Update
Customer Engagement and Communication
Corporate Improvement Objectives 2014/15

6 Corporate Improvement Objectives 2014/15

Improve Service Continue to process map and improve our customer service and business management processes. Achieved
Standards and
Performance Annual publication of tenant newsletter Achieved
Deliver effective communication to our external stakeholders through our Achieved
Communication strategy and 2014/15 action plan

Improve our knowledge and communication with customers through customer proiling Achieved
Provide assistance to set up small local tenant groups Ongoing
Facilitate and support the introduction of a Tenant Board Member Achieved
Promote the beneits of membership of the RHA website Achieved
Continue to implement Section 75 duties and Disability action plans Achieved

Ensure all staff receive regular equality training Achieved
Retender our Measured Term Contracts for Response Maintenance Qtr3 Yr2
Conduct a business case into the provision of a directly employed Technical Operative Put back to year 2 after
tender of MTC contract

Tender our IT services contract Ongoing
Sustainable Resume a new build programme in a phased manner 14 units complete
Business Growth (in partnership with Apex Procurement Group) of 15 units in one year and 30 units per annum by year end
Develop opportunities for provision of mixed tenure housing Yr 2 Yr 3

Provide attractive, local, new build through use of our Rural Design Guide On-going
Be at the forefront of housing provision in rural areas with limited planning opportunities On-going
Through local links identify and highlight rural areas where latent demand testing is required On-going
Promote uptake of Tenants Direct Debit for payment of rent On-going
Promote payment of rents online through our new website Achieved
Continue to advise and update stakeholders on the changes within welfare reform Achieved

Upgrade our Housing Property Software to integrate all Financial systems Put back to year
2 due to stafing
Build up our relationship with external funders and lenders Ongoing
Ensure the Association continues to be viable in the short/medium/long term Achieved
through effective management of the Association’s assets
Through ongoing stock condition surveys continue to develop detailed proiling Ongoing
of our properties and their components

Invest £607,000 in planned maintenance projects over the next 3 years Ongoing

13 : annual report & accounts 2014-15 : rural housing association
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