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Chairperson’s Report
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Property Management Update
Housing Management Update
Tenant Engagement and Communication

4 Housing Management Update

Voids Loss Target Complaints Analysis Of the 16 complaints received, I related to a
0.80% Complaints relating to standards of service at RHA development issue and the remaining 15 were due
maintenance and contractor performance.
are received and recorded under the following key
0.70% categories; Maintenance, Finance, Development,
0.60% House Sales and Allocations. Those complaints In all 16 cases, a satisfactory outcome was reached.
0.50% relating to Anti-Social Behaviour are recorded on a Our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy sets out clearly
0.40% separate register. what we mean by ASB, the standards of behaviour

0.30% Rural Housing Association has a three stage we expect from our tenants and the sanctions
0.20% complaints process. Stage 1 are dealt with by a that we may apply to those who behave in an
anti-social manner. Early intervention is a key tool
0.10% manager and will be allocated to that manager as per in tackling antisocial behaviour thus we reinforce
0.00% the nature of the complaint. Stage 2 complaints are these messages at our sign up meetings and
referred to the Chief Executive if the complainant is
3/31/2014 3/31/2015 not satisied with the response received at Stage 1. settling in visits.
Target Stage 3 Complaints are reviewed by the Chairperson The Association will pursue legal remedies
Percentage of Rent Receivable Lost of the Association and are referred through where the where appropriate to prevent the anti-social
complainant has not received a satisfactory response
after going through Stage 1 and Stage 2. Each stage behaviour continuing and to protect the rights
of those affected. Our Housing Management
Rental Charges of the investigation process has a clear target of 5 team investigate all complaints forwarded to
working days to send out an acknowledgement letter
The Associations’ Housing Stock is largely funded and 15 working days from date of receipt to provide a the Association and are committed to ensuring
by rental income. As ever the Association is careful substantive response or resolution. satisfactory outcomes are achieved.
to ensure its rents on the one hand are affordable
for those who are on low incomes and on the other Complaints are received through a variety of When dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour
hand, balance this with ensuring that the rents methods including in person, by email, through the complaints the Housing Management Team use
collected are suficient to cover the Association’s RHA website, by telephone and by post. There were the same targets that are used for processing
overheads and repayment obligations to private a total of 16 Complaints recorded relating to the complaints. Each stage of the investigation
funders. With these criteria in mind the Association level of service from 01 April 2014 – 31 March 2015 process has a clear target of 5 working days to
increased its rents by 3.95% for the 2014/15 year. a decrease of 10 on the previous year and none of send out acknowledgement letters and 15 working
the complaints had escalated beyond Stage 1. days from date of receipt to provide a substantive
Our Target – Housing Associations should response or resolution.
collect 98% of the total rent receivable for the Complaints Performance
current inancial year If someone is not satisied with the service
18 received in dealing with any case of Anti-Social
Behaviour, then they are advised to use the
Results Previous 16 association’s standard complaints procedure.
Our Targets 2014-15 For Year Results 14 There were a total of 55 Complaints recorded
2014.15 (2013.14) 12 relating to Anti-Social Behaviour from 01 April
Collect 98% of the total 100% 99.85% 10 2014 to 31 March 2015 and none of the complaints
rent receivable for the TOTAL NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS had escalated to the formal complaints process. In
current inancial year 8 6 all 55 cases, a satisfactory outcome was reached.

Achieve Current Tenant 3.14% 4.03% House Sales Performance
arrear of 5% at year end 4
Reduce Past Tenant Arrears/ 0.42% 0.21% 2 The Association sold three of its properties during
the year compared with two sales the previous year.
Write offs to < 0.50%. 0 STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3
Reduce the number of 0.26% 0.65% Manager Chief Chairperson
tenants more than 13 Executive
weeks in arrears to < 1%

11 : annual report & accounts 2014-15 : rural housing association
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