Tenant Participation

Get Involved

It is the Association’s aim to provide the best possible service to all of our residents and we are determined to continually improve on our performance levels across the board. To do this however we rely on our residents becoming involved.

We use a combination of postal and telephone surveys to collect the views and assess the satisfaction levels of our residents with our overall service delivery and to identify priorities for improvement.

At the highest level we encourage our residents to become Board and committee members to influence business and strategic matters affecting the Association.

Resident Groups/Interagency Groups
If you are interested in establishing a resident group or forming part of an interagency working group, please contact us at the office for further information.

Social Media
We use Twitter and Facebook to share news and information that we believe our residents would be interested.

We use Facebook to encourage feedback and share relevant news and information items.  If you would like to join our Facebook community or follow us on Twitter Please click on any of the links.



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