Right to Repair

Any repairs likely to jeopardise the health and safety of the tenant if not carried out within the specified time period, and costing under £250.00 will be considered Qualifying Repairs.
Tenants will be advised in writing if the repair they report is a Qualifying Repair and the last date for work to be carried out.
If the work is not carried out  by the date they have been given, the tenant must notify RHA  at our Head Office.
Where a Qualifying Repair has not been completed by the end of the prescribed period (twice the published response times in the Tenants Handbook) compensation will be payable to the tenant.
Compensation will be payable at a rate of £10.00 for the first day after the prescribed period, and £2.00 for each day after that the repair remains outstanding up to a limit of £50.00.
The Right to Repair is limited only to the dwelling house.


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