Right to Improve

Rural Housing Association recognises the rights of its tenants to make authorised improvements to their homes and that under the Housing (NI) Order 1983 Landlords are permitted to make payment to outgoing tenants for such an approved improvement.  This scheme is to help ensure that Rural Housing Association Tenants who carry out eligible improvements to their home and leave before they gain the full benefit of their investment are paid compensation for such improvements.
To qualify for compensation under this scheme the improvement must be on the list of eligible items listed on the back page of the Association’s leaflet.
Tenants must receive prior written approval for the works carried out and the improvements must have materially added to the property. 
Only improvements costing over £50.00 and costing less than £3,000.00 per item can be considered.  Both these limits will be revised from time to time.  Any outstanding debt to the Association will be deducted from the compensation payable.
 Qualifying persons must be secure tenants of Rural Housing Association and the following persons are considered eligible to apply for compensation when their tenancy ends.
a. A tenant who made the improvement, or any joint tenant at that time.
b. A person who became a tenant jointly with the improving tenant.
c. A tenant in whom the tenancy was vested or to whom the tenancy was disposed of on the death of the improving tenant.
d. A person to whom the tenancy was assigned by the improving tenant.
e. A person to whom the tenancy was assigned by the improving tenant in pursuance of a Property Adjustment  Order in connection with matrimonial  proceedings.
f. A spouse or former spouse of the improving tenant to whom the tenancy has been transferred.
To qualify for compensation the improvement must have the written consent of the association.  Consent should be obtained prior to carrying out the improvement.
Under this scheme the Association can impose reasonable conditions when granting consent although it cannot refuse without good reason.
Qualifying tenants may claim compensation when their secure tenancy ends.
When the Association receives a valid notice of a secure tenants intention to vacate, it will remind the tenant that they may be entitled to compensation for improvements.  Any claim has to be made in writing during the last 28 days of the tenancy or 14 days after the tenancy ends.  Tenants will be asked to provide invoices, covering both materials and labour, but where these are not available they should provide an estimate of the original cost and details of the dates the work began and was completed.
Compensation is not payable for professional fees, statutory approvals or the tenants own labour.  Any assistance from the public purse that contributed to the cost of the improvement is deducted, and the net cost of the improvement will be depreciated.
a. Only improvements listed in this brochure are eligible for compensation.
b. The tenant must have written permission to carry out the qualifying improvement.
c. The improvement must cost more than £50.00 and less than £3,000.00 per item.
d. The tenant must be a qualifying person as detailed in this policy.
e. The claim for compensation must be made in writing within 28 days of the end of the tenancy or 14 days after the end of the tenancy.
f. Outstanding debts to the Association will be deducted from the amount payable.


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