Ways To Pay Your Rent


Rent and Rates are charged on a weekly basis.  You can now pay your rent in any if the following ways:

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Using your rent payment card:
STEP 1 - Keep your payment card in a safe place. When you make a payment at a Post Office or Payzone outlet you will need to take your card with you.
STEP 2 - Take your Payment Card, together with your payment to any Post Office or Payzone outlet and give them both to the cashier.
STEP 3 - The cashier will quickly process your payment and give you back your card together with a receipt. This receipt is your confirmation of payment so please keep it safe as you will need it if there is ever a query with your payment.

At our Office – You can pay by cash or cheque at the reception area.
By Post:
Make your cheque payable to “Rural Housing Association” and cross it “A/C Payee”.
At Any Bank:
By setting up a Standing Order - Rural Housing Association can provide details of their Rent Account upon request.

Paying by Direct Debit:

Using our Web-site
Using a debit or credit card, pay using Rural Housing's internet service. Log on to www.ruralhousing.co.uk  follow the easy steps to register and you will be ready to make payments’.


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