Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a social security benefit administered by the Housing Executive. It helps people on a low income pay their rent and rates. You do not need to be unemployed to get Housing Benefit.

Who can claim Housing Benefit?

Anyone who has to pay rent or rates for their home can claim. It does not matter if your landlord is:
  • the Housing Executive
  • a housing association  
  • a private landlord.
You can also claim if you:
  • live in a hostel
  • live in bed and breakfast accommodation
  • are a boarder or lodger.

How do I make a claim for Housing Benefit?

If you think that you might be entitled to Housing Benefit you will need to apply by downloading a Housing Benefit claim form. 
We recommend that you compelte and send in a Housing Benefit application form in all cases in order to all the NIHE to fully consider your circumstances and make a decision.

Housing Benefit calculator

To find out how much Housing Benefit you may be entitled to, you can use the online Housing Benefit calculator. 


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