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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Designing appropriate buildings Building form: bringing it all together single storey: 3person, 2bed (approx. 65m2) How the rooms are arranged, their size, the dwelling type used, the number of storeys, the building’s proportions and A two bedroom house provides greater flexibility scale, ultimately determines the form of the dwellings. for the tenant and the landlord, it is a good option for accommodating single child families and The following examples suggest a range of appropriate solutions showing how the rooms and spaces required in rural elderly couples who may have relatives including social houses can relate to each other whilst creating an overall simple shape for the dwelling. grandchildren staying over. Again it is entirely ap- propriate to provide private amenity space which The “deflected L” can be accessed from a number of rooms due to or “T” form. the single room depth plan. ground floor MASTER BEDROOM KITCHEN AND DINING SINGLE W.C./FUTURE BEDROOM SHOWER ROOM TWIN BEDROOM The “slipped double” form The “combined long” form CIRCULATION BATHROOM STORAGE LIVING first floor single storey: 2person, 1bed (approx. 55m2) single storey: 5person, 3bed (approx. 85m2) Potential tenants can be single adults, often elder- A single storey dwelling with a floor area larger ly, where a larger dwelling is inappropriate and than that required for a 3bedroom house be- more expensive to maintain. comes inefficient and almost inevitably involves long passage ways. Configuring the layout into a Generally in rural areas, apartments are neither combination of smaller linked components often appropriate nor desirable. It is therefore appropri- helps to break down the overall mass. ate to provide one bedroom units in small single The “long cottage” form. The “L” form. storey cottage form with a small garden. The “T” form. The “slipped doubled” form. The “combined The “L” or “T” form. long” form 96 97
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