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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Designing appropriate buildings two storey dwelling Floor plans: arrangement In the social housing sector the overall size of dwellings is normally relatively modest. The economics of site acquisition first floor and provision of infrastructure have tended to result, increasingly over the years, in narrow frontage but deep designs, which can appear urban and incongruous in a rural context. These dwellings also tend to have high and bulky roofs. This is especially noticeable within the countryside but it also applies to many village locations. There is merit in reverting to houses with a wider frontage but less deep; which relate more to traditional rural forms, contributing to rural character. This also enables homes to be built to avail of enhanced natural light levels. A single room A “suburban” depth plan - single storey dwelling deep plan. which relates better to the rural Ulster vernacular. A single room depth A “suburban” plan - which relates deep plan. better to the rural Ulster vernacular. ground floor ground floor Single storey single room depth cottage at a notional scheme at Attical, Co.Down. Two storey single room depth dwelling at a notional scheme at Mill Bay, Co.Antrim. 90 91
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