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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the scheme layout Enhancing the public realm For developments of less than 25 dwellings there is no planning requirement to provide public open space. This is not to say that its provision should not be considered 1 LIGHTING for smaller developments depending on the circum- Consider alternatives to standard stances of each site. streetlighting columns, such as wall mounted, hanging, or low level lights For example at the Rural Housing Association’s scheme on columns. at the small “crossroads” settlement of Boleran, Co.L’Derry, the community has benefited greatly from 2 LEGIBILITY AND SIGNAGE the provision of a play park. Minimise the use of traffic signs. Avoid visual clutter. The architecture of the If public open space is provided it should be fully inte- road, not signs and signals, should grated into the layout, connected to any existing green dictate the speed of traffic. When network, be accessible, of high quality, overlooked and signage is essential consider mounting safe. on walls, trees or buildings. 2 Attical Bog Road 3 LANDSCAPING In rural areas the public realm can be Even within village core developments, greatly enhanced by the refurbishment, “green” the streetscape by designing 4 reuse or installation of items of particular rural in shrub beds and street trees. 1 character or association. For example local residents in co-operation with the Rural Hous- Generally there is less structured and 3 ing Association, refurbished and installed a formal planting at the more “rural” traditional hand activated water pump at a schemes. scheme in Drumquin, Co.Tyrone. Although it is inactive it provides an interesting and 4 PERSONALISATION 6 charming planter at the roadside. Provide adequate space to allow residents to contribute to enlivening the streetscape, with items such as gardens seats, hanging baskets, window boxes, welcome trinkets, etc. 5 SURFACES OVERLOOK Use a varied palette of materials to THE PUBLIC SPACES highlight priority for pedestrians and children’s play or for vehicles. 5 6 USE LINKS TO EXISTING OPEN SPACE Public realm includes a range of uses, such as play parks, formal gardens, allotments, playing fields, even a laneway leading to a feature. The proposed public realm at the notional scheme at Attical, Co.Down. The scheme could be the mechanism to provide a children’s play park at this settlement, benefiting the wider community. 84 85
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