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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Introduction The purpose of the Guide The Rural Housing Association is active throughout rural Northern Ireland providing and managing high quality affordable This Guide is the Rural Housing Association’s response to the concern that the recent delivery of good quality social homes for rural people in rural areas, contributing to maintaining and sustaining rural communities. housing, while meeting all contemporary standards has been achieved too often without regard to local character or the specific needs of rural residents. Twenty years after establishment the Rural Housing Association now manages 416 houses, across 16 districts, with an emphasis on the more marginal and disadvantaged rural communities. It has established a reputation for providing Hence this Guide, which seeks to direct the designer of rural social housing to consider not just how to achieve good affordable, good quality rural homes with high standards of management. quality, energy efficient, easy to use and maintain social housing, but also homes that enhance local character and sup- port all aspects of rural living. This document provides appropriate planning site identification, design and construction The Rural Housing Association has consistently sought to provide homes that achieve all relevant contemporary stan- guidance for modest size, new build rural social housing. dards and contribute to a quality environment. An early Rural Housing Association scheme at the small and remote settlement of The Cranagh, Co.Tyrone, deep Rural Housing Association’s recent scheme within the heart of the small village of Kircubbin, the Ards Peninsula, Co. within the Sperrins. This is typical of many of their housing schemes within rural landscapes of exceptional quality. Down. The 7no. units were completed on a brownfield site in co-operation with the Kircubbin Regeneration Plan. 8 9
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