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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the scheme layout Creating appropriate private and Public aspects and front gardens semi-private spaces Front gardens are an important contributor to the appearance of the public realm as well as providing opportunities for social interaction. In some situations front gardens will not be provided, for example when aiming to replicate a “farm- yard” layout, where buildings directly open onto what is traditionally known as “the street”. There is a temptation to design to the minimum external space standards as set out in Planning Service Guidance. The pressure to minimise the provision of private external spaces is often compounded by the economics of providing social housing at a reasonable cost, within the constraints of budgets. In most rural social housing schemes there is no need to provide public open space. This increases the desirability of providing relatively generous private amenity space 1 PROTECT PRIVATE AMENITY 2 DEFENSIBLE SPACE 3 SPACE FOR INTERACTION for each individual dwelling. Consideration should be given in the design and layout of external spaces to maximising Use an appropriate boundary Can be a small shrub bed, At the front of the dwelling; allows shelter, the movement of the sun throughout the day in different seasons, and privacy relative to public roads, footpaths, treatment to provide a planter, wall or hedge, giving the resident to place a garden open spaces and neighbours. clear definition of what is a degree of privacy. seat and enjoy the morning sun. semi-public and private. 1 3 2 THE “STREET” A small space to the fronts of dwellings allows the residents to add their own touch, illustrated by this attractive little Less formal public frontages at the notional scheme at Attical, Co.Down. The scheme replicates a farmyard layout, cottage in Cushendall, Co.Antrim. with paving and planters indicating semi-private front “gardens”/areas used for sitting out. 78 79
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