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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the scheme layout Hedges Gates In Northern Ireland hawthorn hedges bounding fields are a major landscape feature. Hedges of appropriate species, Some form of entrance gate to individual dwellings is when properly maintained, are visually the most pleasing of all boundary definitions and have a range of wider attri- often appropriate in rural social housing schemes. butes, including shelter, wildlife habitats and changing appearance through the seasons. They require a relatively high level of maintenance, but if properly managed, will last as long as the houses. Options include pedestrian gates into front gardens and at accesses to rear gardens along with vehicular gates at the entrance to front or side driveways. These provide more security and privacy. Front gates can be made 1 EXISTING HEDGING 2 NEW HEDGES & TREES 3 COMBINE HEDGES WITH OTHER from timber or wrought iron, and can be sensitively Retain wherever possible Accompanied by a timber BOUNDARIES personalised or painted creating identification for visitors to give instant maturity to a post & stock-proof wire fence. Hedges soften and a sense of ownership for the resident. scheme and visual integration. stone walls, and provide flexibility The scale and height of gates should relate to the build- to the height of ing they serve, and the adjoining boundary features. the boundary. 2 3 1 Illustration of the use of existing and proposed hedge planting at the notional scheme at Attical, Co.Down. A range of attractive front gates from around rural Northern Ireland. 76 77
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