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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the scheme layout Railings with walls Timber fences Railings are generally only appropriate when mounted on a low wall. This boundary treatment is more open and more Timber fences are often the “default” boundary treatment in social housing schemes as they are one of the cheapest suitable for the definition of front gardens within those small settlements and villages where there are precedents. means of enclosure, are normally maintenance free for the first number of years and can provide considerable privacy when used around rear yards. The wall and railing may be accompanied with a hedge behind, helping to enclose and soften the boundary. This obviously increases the level of maintenance, which otherwise is normally minimal for several decades with the use of However, they eventually require significant maintenance or replacement and the impact of extensive “stockades”, galvanised railings. particularly on public boundaries, can be exceedingly intrusive and completely out of character with the rural setting. 1 METAL RAILINGS 2 ACCOMPANYING WALLS 1 FENCING AT PRIVATE 2 SOMETHING MORE ROBUST AT 3 HEDGES BETWEEN BACK TO BACK Aim to use simple railing designs and avoid A range of wall materials and finishes can be BOUNDARIES PUBLIC BOUNDARIES DWELLINGS overly decorative styles (unless the setting used within our villages; it is often variation that Only appropriate where High walling is appropriate at Hedges can be combined with dictates their use). makes these places so interesting. Distinctive there is no public aspect, public boundaries as it is more fencing and offers the opportunity local stone is good and sometimes brickwork i.e. between adjoining visually pleasing and perma- for increased height for improved may be appropriate. neighbours. nent. privacy. 3 2 1 1 2 Stone wall with railings at a notional scheme at Pomeroy, Co.Tyrone. A similar boundary detail has been used within Various rear boundary treatments at the notional scheme at Pomeroy, Co.Tyrone, demonstrating the material should the public realm of the village’s “Diamond”. be appropriate to the context. 74 75
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