Page 72 - Rural Housing Association Design Guide
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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the scheme layout Considering the definition of boundaries The first preference should be the retention of existing good quality boundaries wherever possible. This will give instant maturity to the public and private domains. There are four main alternatives appropriate to rural environments:- Walls Walls, particularly built with local natural stone are one of the most effective methods of boundary treatment. They may be more expensive to construct than the alternatives, but subsequently they are virtually maintenance free and, when appropriately designed and constructed, can truly root new buildings into the rural landscape. 1 APPEARANCE 2 DETAILS 3 ROBUSTNESS Should match The use of matching stone as Stone walling links buildings locally found pavement edge kerbing can together and ground buildings into stone, be simply complement the stone walling. the landscape. detailed and of low height. 1 3 New outbuilding constructed off the existing wall in matching stone. 2 Existing wall retained and repaired. A dry stone wall within a notional scheme in Attical, Co.Down. The use of local granite for boundary walls is a particu- A beautiful, rugged natural dry stone wall, Co.L’Derry. larly distinct and suitable feature of the Mourne landscape. 72 73
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