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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering site characteristics Character Settlement grain Well mannered housing proposals will have due regard to the “grain” and layout of the settlement and neighbouring buildings. 1 INAPPROPRIATE SETTLEMENT GRAIN It is important to appreciate a development site’s landscape context. Northern Ireland Environment Agency’s (NIEA) The character of most of our rural settlements has been diminished by inappropriate suburban style database of 130 Landscape Character areas of Northern Ireland is a useful starting point. NIEA’s other information data- cul-de-sac layouts. New groups of rural housing should avoid this pattern. bases, including those for Built Heritage, Monuments and Listed Buildings, help to profile the area’s character and identify potential constraints. 2 THE HEART OF THE SETTLEMENT Many of our smaller rural settlements have distinctive grouped forms, normally linear, radiating from Successful proposals enhance the best elements of the area’s character, or where eroded, create character. a focal building. It is appropriate to locate new development as close to this nucleus as possible. The proposed buildings are laid out in a formal structure to front the existing and proposed “village 1 NATURAL CHARACTER 2 BUILT CHARACTER 3 COMMUNITY CHARACTER green” at the heart of the settlement. The scheme is set within an Any new development in The scheme provides homes for existing clearing on the edge terms of scale and location up to 8 families, who will choose to 3 ESTABLISHED STREET AND BUILDING PATTERNS of Castlecaldwell Forest. All should respect the remains of live and contribute to the locality. In this case it would be more appropriate for new development to respect the original linear form existing healthy mature trees the Old Mulleek Church and its Often they will have a connec- of the settlement by placing buildings along the existing roadside or facilitating permeability by within the site have been setting. tion to this relatively remote creating less formal streets. At Livins Road, at the edge of the settlement, the notional scheme retained. community. continues the linear form of cottages and outbuildings alongside this country road. 2 1 1 2 3 3 A notional scheme within the dispersed rural community of Mulleek, Co.Fermanagh. Identifying elements of the A notional social housing scheme in the heart of Atitical, Co.Down. It demonstrates how the best aspects of the exist- place’s character that any proposed development should be aware of and respect. ing settlement grain and neighbouring land uses have influenced the layout. 56 57
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