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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering site characteristics The orientation of the rooms of a dwelling Creating sunspaces One of the advantages of single room depth dwellings, Bedrooms can benefit from the rising sun with east A sunspace will nearly always be a usable semi-external room, but will be subject to large temperature swings unless traditional in our rural landscapes, is the ability to place facing windows. carefully designed with high performance glass and summer shading such as adjacent trees, pivoting louvers/shutters, the largest windows on a range of facades relating to and roof overhang. These are most appropriate with single room depth dwellings as windows can be placed on both the path of the sun. The result is a room which will benefit facades to maintain high levels of daylight to the habitable room. An area of glazing, orientated towards the sun, of from solar gain and high daylight factors. Clever use BED 3 approximately 10% of the floor area of the building to be heated, combined with natural ventilation can be effective. of building forms using returns and build outs can also create sun pockets when the overall site layout does not BATH facilitate the perfect south facing orientation for private spaces. BED 2 ST. SUMMER WINTER SPRING/AUTUMN Bathrooms, utility and BED 1 The number and storage rooms, and size of windows hallways can face on northern north without much elevations should detriment. be minimised, first floor to increase the thermal mass of It helps if the main entrance (1) Heat captured by a glazed (2) Can be re-distributed into rooms by opening doors & windows. the building and W.C. faces south to create a solar-orientated space. Cross ventilation can be achieved in single room depth buildings. reduce heat loss CLKS. warmer more welcoming from this colder ambiance, however this is not facade. always possible, particularly if the aim is to create usable shading features private space to the south. for south orientated windows ST. KITCHEN LIVING Shutters can also NEIGHBOURING reduce heat loss DWELLING at night. EVENING DINING SUN POCKET Dining spaces tend to Living rooms used throughout the GARDEN be used for longest in Kitchens tend day and into the the evening benefiting to be used evening benefit from west facing throughout most from south windows. the day, but and west facing Private external spaces particularly in windows. are best when south or the morning west facing. and evening, benefiting most ground floor Aim to have a roof slope facing within 30 degrees of south, to facilitate from east (or west) Timber louvers, must be the effective installation of photovoltaic and solar thermal panels. facing windows. removeable/openable to clean the window. A sketch layout demonstrating how important the orientation of rooms can be in relation to the benefits that can be A notional scheme at Tynan, Co.Armagh, demonstrating the use of shading features to create comfortable living gained from the path of the sun throughout the day. conditions in rooms/sunspaces orientated towards the south. 50 51
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