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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the location From time to time opportunities may arise to develop sites containing existing buildings which are outside the development limit, in accordance with the second sequential test of Planning Policy Statement 21 CTY5. Such sites should be close to the development limit and contain either occupied buildings or buildings in a dilapidated condition. TYNAN An example of this is at the small coastal settlement of Mill Bay, Islandmagee, Co.Antrim. Just 200 metres out- VILLAGE side the development limit is a small oyster fishery. It is currently an active and successful business, however for the purposes of this Guide it could represent a good example of an appropriate social housing develop- ment opportunity. This site could be preferable to sites that directly adjoin the development limit, where the topography rises steeply to the east, or sites to the north or south which would create ribbon development along Ballylumford Road. The redevelopment of the oyster fishery in contrast would not cause any consid- erable adverse impact upon the settlement and would bring visual enhancement relative to the existing functional buildings. TYNAN ESTATE BALLYLUMFORD RD. 1 Site 0.75km south of the estate village + Attractive setting, with woodland and a stream. + Nestled in a “dip” within the drumlin landscape. + Close proximity to a number of dwellings. 1 - Remote from the facilities of the village. 1 Oyster fishery at the foreshore of Larne Lough + Contains a number of existing buildings. + Although a shoreside location, it is well sheltered by an existing band of woodland to the north. 1 + Attractive views across Larne Lough. If there are no suitable sites adjoining the existing settlement and no replaceable buildings nearby the third - Former light industrial use may require some sequential test of Planning Policy Statement 21 CTY5 allows for possible small scale social housing on a site contaminated land mitigation. capable of visual integration. Near the small village of Tynan, Co.Armagh within the drumlin landscape with many belts of mature wood- land, the identified site, suitable for 5 or 6 dwellings located off the main road south of the village, is well screened by mature trees and hedges. A number of individual dwellings are also close by, with the potential for the proposed dwellings to connect to the existing utility network. Social housing development opportunity outside the designated Development Limit, at the site of an oyster fishery A social housing development opportunity outside the designated Development Limit, at a site capable of visual which contains a number of dilapidated buildings at Mill Bay, Islandmagee, Co.Antrim. integration, near Tynan, Co.Armagh. 44 45
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