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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the location Identifying a suitable site The Development Limit designated by the Area Plan has been drawn tightly around the existing develop- ment, with little opportunity for new groupings of four or more dwellings. If in the future a need for social outside Small Settlements and Villages housing should be established in the area, it may be necessary to identify a site outside the settlement limit consistent with Policy CTY5 of PPS 21. The plan below analyses site options in accordance with the first step; that is those adjoining the settlement limit. There are situations where it is neither feasible nor prac- tical to deliver social housing within existing settlement limits. When this can be convincingly demonstrated, planning policy makes provision for social housing on the edge or close to the edge of a settlement, subject to 4 a number of planning considerations. The tests for the CARROWREAGH RD. circumstances when Planning Service will consider a site 1 In-fill site at the “crossroads” beyond the statutory development limit are set out in + Site is well enclosed on all sides by existing built detail in Appendix A, but can be summarised as follows:- development. 1 • There is a specific need for social housing that has + Development would re-enforce the been identified and confirmed by NIHE, “compactness” of the small settlement. • The required housing cannot readily be provided within any existing settlement in the locality, • Detailed examination of all potential housing sites 2 Backland to the west of the settlement 2 within the settlement limit confirms the absence of + Can be visually integrated, maintaing a any suitable site, and compact settlement. • Any planning application is submitted by a Housing MONEYDIG RD. Association. - No direct road frontage. In this context Policy CTY5 of Planning Policy Statement 21 sets out a sequential test for identifying a site capable 3 Site at the southern edge of the small settlement 4 of planning permission with the following steps:- + A large and un-used, in-fill site. 1. The first planning preference is for a site adjoining + Nestled in a “dip” adjacent to Moneydig Rd., the settlement limit, then with higher gound to the west. 4 2. The second preference is for a site close to the + Existing mature hedges and trees on all settlement limit and presently either occupied by boundaries. buildings or on land that is in a degraded or derelict condition, and finally - Could contribute to “ribbon development” 3. The third preference is for a site close to the settle- ment limit where any development is capable of 3 visual integration. 4 Sites at the settlement’s edge - Development of these sites would not enhance the settlement’s compact form - Backland sites some with limited access. 3. - Overly large and open, therefore difficult to design and visually integrate a compact layout with the landscape. 2. 1. Moneydig is a small “crossroads” settlement near Gar- vagh, Co.Londonderry. A number of dwellings “cluster” Social housing options outside the Development Limit as defined by the Area Plan, in Moneydig, Co.L’derry. in a linear form south from the crossroads along Money- dig Road, with significant groups of trees alongside. 42 43
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