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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the location 1 Derelict site along Termon Rd. in the village core + Compact infill site. + Attractive views over the countryside and the Valley towards the south. + Roadside frontage. 5 6 + Visually integrated by existing woodland & surrounding buildings. 2 Infill, roadside site at North St. + Linear infill “greenfield” site. + Close to village “Diamond”. + Roadside frontage. LIMEHILL RD. 6 - Site slopes away to the north. NORTH ST. 2 3 Greenfield site adjacent to chapel at Termon Rd. 4 LUCY ST. + Attractive views over the countryside. TERMON RD. + Roadside frontage. 3 - On the edge of the village core. 4 Site at Edendoit Rd. + Would create an attractive urban edge to the 1 - Low density development surrounds the site. village entrance. EDENDOIT RD. 5 Site at Limehill Rd. In the village of Pomeroy, Co.Tyrone a range + Large site with roadside frontage. of sites may be available for social housing, - Exposed site with little boundary planting. from small infill to larger “edge” sites. Site - Issues with excavated levels. availability will always be dependent upon - On the edge of the village. financial constraints and the willingness of landowners to sell. Other development options, including for commercial purposes, 6 Sites to the rear of existing development may be more remunerative for the vendor. - Backland with no appropriate relationship with From a design perspective, generally a the existing roads, however it could be suitable well detailed scheme at a site close to the as “phase 2” development if there were village core will be more sustainable in terms development on the adjoining road of proximity and access to existing services frontages. and will contribute to the enhancement of intimate and compact settlements. Social housing development options within the Village of Pomeroy, Co.Tyrone. 40 41
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