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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the location Identifying a suitable site Attical, Co.Down is a small village around a cross-roads located in the foothills of the Mournes, with an attractive recently constructed Chapel, a small shop, some older social housing and modern suburban style private dwellings. Due to its within Small Settlements and Villages small size a limited range of sites are available. The most appropriate site is adjacent to the main junction at Attical Road, where development would contribute to the re-instatement of a more compact settlement form. At small settlements and villages, potential housing sites within the settlement development limit are generally:- 1 Site with vacant buildings at the “crossroads” + At settlement heart, adjacent to open space. ATTICAL RD. + Frontage to three different roads. + Existing mature hedges. + Opportunity to replicate grain of adjacent linear “Clachan” farm. 6 6 2 Site at Attical Bog / Livins Rd. junction + Zoned for housing in Area Plan. + Central location beside existing shop Infill within a street frontage, In depth, within the village core, 3 generally brownfield. often brownfield. ATTICAL BOG RD. - Site slightly elevated - Lack of mature boundary planting. 3 Site north of Attical Chapel + Linear infill site. + Close to settlement centre. 2 - Fairly open, lack of mature boundary planting. 5 1 On under-used back lands, On the edge of the village, usually sometimes greenfield. greenfield. Site at Attical Bog Rd. to the SW 4 Undeveloped sites on the edge of a settlement often + Zoned for housing in local plan. appear to be the easiest to progress. This is because de- + Large infill site. sign issues can be easier to resolve as the built context will not normally impose a significant constraint. Such - Long site with narrow road frontage, which LIVINS RD. sites normally involve only a single owner and they often may dictate a “cul-de-sac” arrangement. have very few physical and environmental limitations. Sites within existing settlement cores however should 5 Site to the rear of existing housing development not be lightly disregarded because, while they may be + Access already constructed. more complex, they generally have significant advan- tages relative to edge of settlement sites, including the - Existing layout and settlement grain entirely 4 potential to:- inappropriate and would be difficult to rectify. • Provide the optimum accessibility to the widest range of services and facilities, thereby enhancing the quality of life for residents in the long term; 6 Sites at the settlement’s edge • Provide better links to public transport; - Sites not large enough for 4 or more dwellings. • Contribute to the physical, economic and social - More distant from the village’s facilities. regeneration of small settlements; • Create more interesting built forms; • Provide an identifiable focus for the village in visual, Social housing development options within the designated Development Limit of this small “crossroads” settlement. social and commercial terms; and • Encourage mixed tenure. 38 39
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