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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Considering the location Identifying a suitable site Key North of Lower Lough Erne, Co.Fermanagh is the designated Dispersed Rural Community of Mulleek, which encom- passes the Townlands of Tirigannon, Ballymagahran and Derryrona Glebe. - Best option within a Dispersed Rural Community - Issues, lowering potential A single focal point is identified at the Church, Church Hall and a couple of individual dwellings which form a small - Least favourable option cluster of development at a “dip” in Mulleek Road just south of Lough Scolban. Some local development plans, including the Ferman- agh Area Plan do not restrict development at Dispersed Rural Communities (DRC) to within fixed limits but rather identify townlands which make up a DRC. Others, such 1 South of Mulleek Church as the Magherafelt Area Plan, designated a broad line + Balances development to both sides of around their DRCs. Mulleek Road. + Visually integrated by existing hedges on all Either way, Area Plans provide for a single or a number boundaries. of focal points within each DRC, at which a new group + Similar levels to existing cluster. of housing could cluster. MULLEEK RD For proposed housing developments at these focal 2 Linear site adjacent to Mulleek Church 5 points to gain planning approval they are expected to + Adjacent to existing cluster along be consistent with the following criteria :- Mulleek Road. • Scale – modest and appropriate (Planning Service policy limits the scale of development to a maxi- - Small site area which may not be able to 3 mum of 14 houses), accommodate a viable number of dwellings. • Visual impact – capable of visual integration, 4 relating to existing focal points and avoiding undue prominence in the rural landscape, 3 Elevated lands, NE of the existing cluster • Physical integration – capable of appearing as part + Roadside frontage. of the established pattern of development, and 1 • Provision of services – capable of practical connec- - Elevated ground. tion with all necessary services. 4 Elevated site, behind Mulleek Church 2 6 Co. Fermanagh + Screened by existing buildings. RoI NI DERRYRONA - Elevated ground. GLEBE - Backland, no roadside frontage. 5 Lands at the north, adjacent to Lough Scolban DRC focal point - Elevated ground. - Remote from existing cluster. TIRIGANNON 6 Lands at the south, within Castlecaldwell Forest BALLYMAGAHRAN - Heavily planted with existing mature woodland which should be protected. Townlands at Mulleek Dispersed Rural Community, This plan highlights social housing development options for new dwellings to cluster with existing development within Co.Fermanagh. Mulleek dispersed rural community. 36 37
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