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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Appendices Information sources and further reading • 101 Rules of Thumb for Low Energy Architecture, by Huw Heywood • Armagh Area Plan 2004; Fermanagh Area Plan 2007; Cookstown Area Plan 2010; Larne Area Plan 2010; Banbridge, Newry and Mourne Area Plan 2015; and Northern Area Plan 2016, all Planning Service, DoE • Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape, by FHA Aalen, K Whelan, M Stout • Building for Life 12, by CABE and the Design Council • Building in the Countryside, by The Ulster Countryside Committee • Building on Tradition, by Planning Service, DoE • Building Regulations (NI) Technical Booklets, by Building Control NI • Buildings of Ireland - Northwest Ulster, by Alistair Rowan • Car Parks in the Countryside, by Scottish Natural Heritage • Carparking - What works where, by English Partnerships • Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guide, by Communities and Local Government • Cork Rural Design Guide, by Colin Buchanan & Partners and Mike Shanahan + Associates Architects • Creating a Sense of Place, by HRH The Prince of Wales’s Affordable Rural Housing Initiative • Creating Places - Achieving Quality in Residential Environments, by Planning Service & Roads Service • Irish Stone Walls, by Patrick McAfee • Isles of Scilly Design Guide, by Colin Buchanan & Partners and Context 4D • Lifetime Homes Design Guide, by the Foundation for Lifetime Homes and Neighbourhoods • Manual for Streets, by the Department for Transport; CLG; and Welsh Assembly Government • Northern Ireland Landscape Character Assessment series by The Northern Ireland Environment Agency • Planning Policy Statements, by Planning Service, DoE • Rural Design - Future Landscapes, Guides and Projects, by the Scottish Government • Rural Housing Policy - “The Way Ahead” A Policy Statement, by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive • Secured by Design: New Homes, by the Association of Chief Police Officers • Small Scale Housing Development, by Argyll & Bute Council • The Bedside Book of Dormers and Other Delights - A Practical Guide to Traditional Architectural Details in Ulster, by Marcus Patton • The Housing Association Guide - Design Standards, by DSD • The New Housing 2 - Building Better Communities, by the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland • The Town in Ulster, by Gilbert Camblin The authors, GM Design Associates Ltd, would like to extend particular gratitude to the following, for their extensive contributions to this guide: • The Rural Housing Association Board Members; • Technical Staff of the Rural Housing Association; • Archer Advertising; and • Emma Stewart, Photographer. We are also grateful to the Architects and Practices who kindly granted access and permission to use their photographic material, including Rural Design Architects; Gokay Devici, Architect; Cox Power Architects; Dominic Stevens, Architect; Sean Harrington Architects; and CP Architects. Emma Stewart PHOTOGR APH Y 130 131
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