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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Designing appropriate buildings A variety of decorative surrounds can be used to articu- Materials and decorative details late window openings creating simple, rhythmic patterns on reveals and lintels, including: Windows should be made out of high quality materials, both in terms of appearance and performance. The most ap- • coloured bricks and brick slips; propriate window type for the rural context is timber sliding sash, which is more expensive, but good quality uPVC sliding • coloured or textured plaster bands and lintels; sash alternatives are available. Poor quality “2D” or “flat” looking uPVC casement windows should be avoided, especial- • keystones; and ly when “false” glazing bars are used. Aluminium can be a good option for a high quality, contemporary look. • ornamental crests can also be used. Designers should be careful to respect the immediate built context when detailing decorative banding, sills and lintels to ensure that the elevations do not become overly ‘fussy’ and over-elaborate. These elements tend to work best when used sparingly. Traditional painted timber sliding sash window. This cottage has red brick Replicating the brick surrounds window surrounds which on “the farmhouse” would are common in this area, be “overkill”. Rather a simple particularly when paired chamfer in the plaster provides with dark stone. interest. A mix of traditional & contemporary Large aluminium window windows can be and door set. appropriate. A dwelling designed to replicate a farm “outbuilding/barn” at Attical, Co.Down, showing the use of large modern windows on the ground floor paired with smaller more traditionally framed windows on the first floor. Our damp climate encouraged the use of architectural details that project water away from window openings. Plaster drip mouldings and deep, heavy concrete or stone sills contribute to a sense of robust solidity. If common in the locality it can be a charming touch to paint the sill and window surround matching colours (if the windows are white) normally earthy or bold bright colours. Contemporary slim-line aluminium sills look good with matching aluminium window sets when aiming to Robust and “chunky” Slender aluminium sill Dwellings replicating a farmhouse and cottages at Moneydig, Co.L’Derry. Dark stone buildings with red brick window achieve a contemporary look. concrete sill with painted looks appropriate with surrounds are common in this area. The farmhouse does not necessarily need any window decoration. timber window. matching window. 110 111
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