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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Creating rural places: Designing appropriate buildings Roofs Attical, Co.Down Generally in modern house building there is a loss or poor imitation of many of the Region’s traditional roofing details. 3 This is the result of the ability to build wider span roofs, the rising costs of materials such as slate, the increased availability of cheap uPVC eaves and concrete tile alternatives and deeper roof build up due to increasing insulation requirements. The challenge for the designer is to ensure that design pitfalls are avoided and the roof detail complements the form, 8 proportions and style of the building, whilst meeting modern standards. 4 forms 1 GABLE FORM 2 HIPPED FORM 3 BARREL VAULTED 4 MONO PITCH/FLAT Normally spanning Common in Co. Replicates the Best used on 4-7m at 35-40 degrees. Fermanagh. traditional farm shed. secondary elements. 5 “CLIPPED” EAVES 6 CONCRETE SKEWS 7 RAINWATER GOODS 8 MATERIALS Simple and neat. Common in coastal Simple round profiles Slate common, but areas. work best. others available. details Mulleek, Co.Fermanagh 8 1 5 6 2 7 Mill Bay, Co.Antrim A range of common rural roof forms and details at notional schemes throughout the Region. 100 101
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