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Design guide for social housing in rural Northern Ireland Introduction The approach of the Guide Consistent with the definition of rural Northern Ireland used by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, this guide is primarily relevant to the provision of social housing in the countryside and all small settlements with a popula- tion of less than 4,500. In the context of changing legislation, housing and planning policy and building technologies, this Guide sets out the basic principles which, if understood and applied, will contribute to the delivery of a new generation of high quality, attractive and affordable social housing, meeting the needs and aspirations of rural dwellers. LANDFORM MAINTENANCE I like it here, this house looks good and is cheap to run! The problem....... standard deep plan house types of suburban style repeated throughout our rural environments. REGULATION These were originally NIHE dwellings but in essence these forms are still being used in new-build social schemes. LAYOUT This Guide provides:- • A brief review of the history of the provision of rural social housing; • The considerations that should influence site selection; DETAIL SUSTAINABILITY • Appropriate design responses when a site has been identified; • A detailed review of the elements of appropriate rural house design; • Guidance on sustainable solutions suited to rural house building; and • An overview of the requirements of planning policies and guidance that are applied to rural house-building. A summary of the considerations for the delivery of high quality social housing appropriate for the needs of rural land- There are numerous design guides for new rural housing both within Ireland and Great Britain but these generally focus scapes and communities. on the design of single dwellings for owner occupation. This Guide is focused on the specific opportunities, charac- teristics and needs of contemporary social housing in Northern Ireland. It will have a wider relevance to all rural house building. The context is on-going changes in rural society and the rural economy along with progress in delivering modern social This Guide is not prescriptive, rather it seeks to highlight and draw out those considerations which if thoughtfully applied housing that applies contemporary construction technologies. This Guide builds on a century of construction of rural will contribute to the delivery of high quality, contemporary homes meeting the needs and aspirations of rural residents. social housing, which has transformed the lives of rural families, radically improved living conditions and delivered wider This is done by setting out the principles of good quality rural design and construction, assisted by the extensive use of health, social and economic benefits. illustrative drawings, complemented by concise notes. 10 11
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